As part of my experience in the InfoComm club, as well as for research projects, I have done several web design projects which are showcased below. You can probably see the progression in the quality of the websites (arranged in reverse chronological order) as I improve my web-design and programming skills.

Personal Portfolio

That would be this very website you are staring at! Do check out all the games, write-ups and other things, accessible from the navigation menu in the top-right corner.

I have tried my best to make the website as responsive and mobile-friendly as possible, but some elements may still be in progress.

Bible Quizzle (Telegram Bot)

My first attempt at Node.js and Telegram bots. It's a fun, fast-paced Bible trivia game (similar to Quizzarium, a popular telegram game) where you type open-ended answers as fast as possible. Are you game enough to beat your friends?

Try it out in a Telegram private chat or add @BibleQuizzleBot to a Telegram group!

Eye-tracking project

As part of my eye-tracking project in 2014 (read more here), I created a website from scratch to evaluate what special features could be incorporated into a website to make it more eye-tracking-friendly. There is even a downloadable Chrome Extension (coded by myself) to turn any website into an eye-tracking-friendly one!

You may notice that this website has a similar template to the eye-tracking website. That's because this website is a modified version of the eye-tracking one. However, this website has more features which make it responsive and mobile-friendly!

School CCA Website

The school selected a team of programmers from the InfoComm club to design and code the school's CCA website. My friend was responsible for coming up with the overarching design template while the team, which included myself, coded out the actual website, fine-tuning the design along the way.

The school actually used the website for one year, but its usage was discontinued and replaced with another website.

PrioriTask App

This was part of a 2013 school project to create a web application that automatically schedules and prioritises the user's daily, weekly and even monthly task. The algorithm was self-developed by myself and another programmer teammate. The design, which underwent several iterations, was done by an artist teammate.

The application was originally meant to be hosted online, but the free hosting site is no longer in existence. Hence, the website has been modified to be hosted on this site.

This project won High Distinction at the Hwa Chong's Project Competition.

Keyboard Music

While experimenting with HTML and JavaScript in my early days of coding in 2012, I created this JavaScript Piano/Keyboard out of my own accord. Using "Keyboard Music", the user can play the music keyboard with a computer keyboard.

To improve on its functionality and design, the original app (here) has been slightly edited.

HTML5 Games

I've created some HTML5-based Web games which can be found on the games page.



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