Besides programming and research, I have other artistic hobbies, like poetry and drawing, which are showcased here.



Compilation of poetry written over the years. Some are random moments of inspiration, others are delibrate works, like for English class.

I just can’t sleep, Please understand!

I just can’t sleep, please understand!
No really; inside there's a marching band
Round and round my head it goes
(There's also a circus with a thousand shows)
I can't sleep; I can only think --
Thoughts flying down a skating rink

A bombshell goes off in my head
Tanks moving amongst the dead
A wave crashes on the shore
Bringing up some childhood yore

You would think they are but dreams
Vivid imagination, they merely seem...
But no! They are precious thoughts,
And sleep would put them to a naught

And so I stay up, awake in my bed
Rolling like the thoughts in my head
Taking each one in, I sigh
Longing to say goodnight, goodbye
But the thoughts they linger on
The thoughts again, they have won..

Alas, my body can't take the toll
Towards the darkness is its goal
The thoughts fade, the fire fizzles
The storm but reduced to a drizzle
No more thoughts nor jumping sheep
Only falling into deeper sleep...

The Unfortunate

They look at us and they mock.
They laugh and they laugh.
They talk and they talk.
About us being, “The Unfortunate”...

Well, at least that’s what they claim.
“Handicapped”, “Disabled”, “Unfortunate”.
These are our names.
“The Blind”, “The Deaf”, “The Mute”...

They claim that they are luckier,
They claim that we are not.
They say that they are happier,
But we say that they are wrong.

“Their ears are facing us
But they aren’t open.
To see their eyes are a must,
Yet they are closed...”

Yes, the “fortunate” hear but don't comprehend.
Yet we are different.
The “fortunate” see but don't understand.
But we are not the same.

Indeed, we are filled with happiness.
We play our sorrows away.
But the “fortunate” continue with their business,
They study and work all day!

But the “unfortunate” are filled with joy and peace,
And you are welcome to join.
But your worries you must first release,
Before you can be like us.

Yet if you decide to suit yourself,
Don't blame us at all.
For when you understand what’s true wealth,
You will find that you,
Yes you,
Are the Unfortunate...

The Ship sets sail

The ship sets sail
- a glorious sight
Sailing towards
A distant light

It leaves behind
The days of old
And brings forth hope,
Questions manifold

With newfound friends,
The strongest bonds;
The ship sets sail
And sounds its horn

Farewell, farewell
What lies ahead?
Countless failures
Or achievements great?

Whatever lies ahead,
The friends remain
All the way,
In joy, in pain

The ship has sailed
Distant lights grow dim
But the smiles around
Light me up, within...

Sometimes I write poems when I'm high

Sometimes i write poems when high
But to that, time to say goodbye?
No never mind, the poetry is back,
To be yet another pain in the neck.

Rhyming! Timing! Chiming!
That's all it brings.
The poetry, stuck, in your head.
As if someone, there, laid:
A spark, a glimmer, a seed --
And so, upon your soul it feeds
Sucks your memories, eats your pains
Till one day, a life it gains...

It grows, takes root
It grows, bears fruit
And one day, blossoming into hope
A new perspective! Hope!
Hope. but will it last?
Will it die, just as fast?
But as it dies, it falls
And to another, yet, it calls:
“Do you hear me, O weary soul
Here I come to make thee whole!”

Then it goes down, down low
It’s ugly head, never shows
Till one day when I am high
It surfaces, and says, again, “Hi!”

Everything must have a meaning

Everything must have a meaning
It's up for us to find.
We find it from the yearning;
Our pride is left behind

Everything must have a meaning
What is it for you?
Perhaps you are still searching,
And still you have no clue.

Lo! Christ presents a meaning
A gift of grace to you;
Perhaps there is a wondering:
Is it really true?

It's where I find my meaning,
It took a little while
Yet I’m satisfied in knowing
That I’m His little child :)

Eye of the Turtle


What ugly creatures.
Fat faces and oogly eyes.
Wait, aren’t those laces?
Who wears laces on the top of their head?


Yes, humans - that’s what they call themselves.
Smart. Intelligent. Gifted.
All because of those things on the shelves.
“Buuks” they call them.


What is a “buuk”?
What secret does it possess?
If only i could take a look.
But first I must swim to it.


Yes, it must be their magical weapon.
I always crawl up a rock to take a peek..
And guess what happens?
They change! The humans change!


Change! Yes, the humans transform!
It’s the only constant though.
Change has been the norm.
Oh, the magic of change!


How do they change so fast?
They change from ugly to beautiful.
But the beauty never lasts.
Not once I’m in the water.

Humans. Buuks. Change.

Beautiful on the surface, yet ugly below...
Oh humans, they change all the time.
And it’s the “Buuks” that make them go...
From ugly to lovely. Then ugly back.

Be warned of these strange animals.
Humans. They change all the time.
Through the eye of the turtle see their world,
Quick! Before it’s too late...


Time is like a bird,
It flies by so fast,
And when you finally notice,
It's already flown past.

It's just like a waterfall
that never slows down;
If you stop going,
You will surely drown.

Like a strong wind on a winter day,
And no breeze in the scorching sun;
It's slow when you want it fast;
It's never what you want!

It's like a stick insect,
Camouflaged in the tree;
Evasive and hidden,
Something you hardly see.

The only way to capture time,
is just to note it down!
Take a picture, take some notes,
And watch as time counts down...

Life isn't as short as you might think;
Perhaps it's you rush and haste.
Slow down. Appreciate. Savour.
Don't put your time to waste!

The only way to slow down and enjoy,
For time to wait for you;
The only way to savour time,
Is as simple as waiting for time...

The Pen

A spring in me jumps,
as 3 warm fingers wrap;
Gripping me, enclosing me,
Putting me in a trap...

My insides flow out,
As the hand presses down;
Squeezing me, forcing me,
making a scratching sound...

My liquid seeps through the paper,
As the hand moves around;
Left and right it goes,
Dancing up and down.

My blood is smeared,
Throughout the sheet of fibre.
But it doesn't stop!
He writes and turns the paper.

The human scribbles on,
And my ink is running low;
I clog up my arteries,
letting myself bleed slow...

What a grave mistake!
He shakes me up and down!
I refuse to let go;
He gives an angry frown...

With force and might,
He starts to shake,
Until I'm dizzy
And about to faint...

But my veins are sealed shut.
So he takes me to his kitchen,
where he turns on the stove!
And now I'm panic-striken!

The human lights the gas,
And, alas, an orange flare!
He removes my inner catridge,
And leaves me burning there.

Hot! Hot! Hot!
My blood literally boils!
Then he puts me back together,
And shakes me like a doll!

I scream in pain;
My blood re-flows.
He puts me on the paper,
And off he goes...

Scribbling, writing,
Till my ink runs out.
Then seeing that I'm empty,
He starts to shout.

With a grunt of disapproval
And a fling of his hand,
I am left in the dustbin
- A lonely pen...


It boils up inside you...
It churns up thoughts in your mind...
It makes you clench your first...
And thus me, you shall find.

Oops! He broke your favourite toy.
Aww... Nothing you can do about it;
Except, maybe, just maybe, possibly...
Giving him a few hard hits?

Do you feel it inside you?
That special feeling? The forbidden urge?
Does your fist clench up?
Ah ha! That's where I emerge!

Oops! Another broken pen - your favourite!
That special feeling? The forbidden urge?
Does your fist clench up?
Ah ha! That is where I emerge!

Do you have veins popping out of your head?
As that feeling boils up inside you,
like a kettle of water being heated?
Then your mind and body I shall subdue!

Perhaps you'd like to punch him?
Hurt him until he cries?
Do you feel like you want to kill him?
Strangle him until he dies?

Once again, I am victorious. Yes! I have gained full control! All your thoughts and your deeds, have allowed me space to grow!

Now I have overwhelmed you; Yes, I am now your master! But don't feel angry, I'll only grow faster!

15S6G Class Song

Parody of "We didn't start the fire"
Composed 2016 for my JC class, 15S6G

Chinese Chem with Mr Loy, Mr Yee with Math toys
Mr Chua always late, giving us short break
Ban mian with Brother Chow, kena stalked by Ms How
Ms Lin wants EoM, start printing at 3am!

We didn't steal the Jeffrey
My Little Jeffrey's ours -
He belongs to 6G
We didn't steal the Jeffrey
He was always ours
And he always will be

Integrals by Matthew, whole class A for PW
Class bench, Zen garden, Junda Best student
Birthday cards, Rubik's cubes, all the broken test tubes
Six equals one plus five, What a time to be alive!

1.96 metres tall, frisbees round the class bench wall
Chowanmushi, Udon Say, Triggered everyday
My name Jeff, Silence Please, Jia Hong Yan An frenemies
Last lesson Mr Chow's, Faster run to Noodle House!

Whatsapp photo fight, WR straight through the night
"Dunnid study, you'll be fine", Jeff-ery's all mine
Always lose to 7B, all stand for GP,
Yudong sleeping on the floor, do I have to say some more?



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