About Me

I am Samuel Leong Chee Weng: a Christian, programmer, tinkerer, poet and much more! Currently, I am a Singaporean fulfilling my 2 years of National Service in the SAF.
Find out more about my interests and achievements here.

Educational Background

Undergraduate Studies: Carnegie Mellon University, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Matriculating in 2019

Junior College (IP programme): Hwa Chong Instituition, Singapore

Secondary School (IP programme): Hwa Chong Instituition, Singapore

Primary School: Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), Singapore

Interests and Creations

I love to create, innovate and build; whether games, websites, robots, poems or drawings, I take pride in my creations.

Some of these creations are featured in this website, which, incidentally, is a creation in and of itself!

Academic Achievements

My years in Hwa Chong Institution for secondary school and JC have been extremely fruitful. In these formative years, I have forged valuable friendships and, through unique and unforgettable experiences, discovered my interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Proud as I am of the achievements listed below, in my opinion, they are only glimpses of my abilities; there is much more to who I am, as shaped by my experiences, mindset and values.

Year Competition/Event Achievement
2016 Singapore GCE A-Level
4 H2 Distinctions (A)
3 H1 Distinctions (A)
1 H3 Merit
2016 Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) 119/120
Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
- SAT I General
- SAT II Math L2
- SAT II Physics
2016 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Finalist
2016 Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF)
ISEF Delegate
2015 DSTA JC Scholarship Awardee
2014 HCI Outstanding Student Award Awardee
2014 S'pore Junior Physics Olympiad Bronze
2014 Singapore Physics Engineering Challenge
Team: 2nd
Individual: Bronze
2014 National Olympiad for Informatics (NOI) Bronze
2014 Australian National Chemistry Quiz Distinction
2014 UNSW (Science) Distinction
2013 S'pore Junior Physics Olympiad Bronze
2013 Australian National Chemistry Quiz High Distinction
2013 UNSW (Science) Distinction
2014 A*STAR Science Award Awardee
2014 YDSP Scholarship Awardee
2012 HCI Level Top Student (InfoComm) Awardee
2012 Creative Heuristic Application Of Science (CHAOS) Participation
2012 UNSW (Science) Distinction
2011 UNSW (Science) Distinction
2011 UNSW (English) High Distinction

Project Involvement

Over the years, I have been actively involved in several science and engineering projects, as well as other school-based projects.

Below are some of them:

Year Project Role Achievement
2015 Research@YDSP (Light Direction Finder) Showcase Single person project
Research Paper Completed
Gold at SSEF
Selected to represent SG at Intel ISEF 2016
2014 Research@YDSP (I-Focus) Showcase Leader Research Paper Completed
2014 HCI Projects Competition (I-Focus) Showcase Leader High Distinction
2013 HCI Projects Competition (PrioriTask) Showcase Leader High Distinction
2012 HCI Projects Competition (Train your Brain) Showcase Leader Distinction
2011 HCI Projects Competition (Algae Biofuel) Showcase Leader High Distinction

Community Involvement

There's always room in any busy schedule to give back to the community. Even though it may not be much, I still aspire to make a difference.

"Making a difference", as people term it, cannot be measured by the number of hours volunteered at Red Cross or an unknown elderly care-center. Honestly, I saw myself making the most impact in the lives of friends and strangers. Their stories of questioning, struggle and transformation - while not as quantifiable as "the number of volunteer hours spent at XXX" - are what I choose most to place myself in, and I am glad to be part of them.

This table, therefore, merely tracks the quantifiable hours that I spent volunteering at various places such as elderly homes and the Singapore Science Center. It is by no means an indication of how much positive change I, or any others, have made in the lives of the beneficiaries.

For that, you have to hear their stories. But mostly, their warm smile more than suffices...

Year Contribution Hours
2016 Athena Faculty CIP 2016 - Silver Homes 2
2015 National Day Celebrations with elderly from TPY Care Corner SAC 2
2015 Chestnut Drive Sec Sch Science Peer Tutoring Programme 4
2015 Athena Faculty CIP 2015 - Silver Homes 2.5
2015 Project SPEAK 2015 5.5
2014 Helper @ Hwa Chong Open House 6
2014 Helper @ Science Center Singapore 8
2013 Helper @ World Water Day Walkathon 3
2013 Helper @ Science Centre Singapore 26
2012 Helper @ Wesley Seniors Activity Centre on 4 August 2012 5.5
2012 Founder's Day CIP @ Beyond Services on 21 March 2012 4
2012 Helper @ Science Centre Singapore 6
2011 Helper @ Science Centre Singapore 43
2011 Visit the Elderly from Toa Payoh Care Corner on 24 Jun 2011 5


I spent 6 years of my HCI life in the InfoComm Club (or Computer Club), helming it for 2 years.

Joining it was an unprecendented decision, and one that I would gladly make again. It is here that I have found my passion for programming, as well as friends who share this enthusiasm.

Below are some of the achievements attained as part of my CCA journey, many of which done with such friends.

Year Competition/Event Achievement
2015 Splash Awards 2015 Semi-Finalist
2015 NYAA Canada-Singapore Website Design Competition Showcase 3rd Prize
2014 Edusave EAGLES Award Recipient
2014 Splash Awards 2015 Grand Finalist (Top 5)
2014 SGCC (Singapore Games Creation Competition) Showcase Consolation Award (4th)
2014 National Olympiad for Informatics (NOI) Bronze
2013 SGCC (Singapore Games Creation Competition) Showcase Commendation Award
2012 InSYNC (Infocomm Singapore Youth Networking Conference) Participant
2012 SGCC (Singapore Games Creation Competition) Top 20

Courses, Publications, Presentations

Below are some of the courses, publications and presentations that I have attended, created and presented over the years.

Year Course/Publication/Presentation Achievement
2015 Research@YDSP Project (Light Direction Finder)
Project won SSEF Gold
Selected to represent SG at ISEF Finals Showcase
2015 YDSP World of Science (Signal Processing) Participant
2015 YDSP Congress Presentation (I-Focus) Presented before GOH
2014 Research@YDSP Project (I-Focus) Selected to present before GOH Showcase
2014 YDSP Congress Presentation (Zero Gravity Camp) Presented before GOH
2014 YDSP World of Science (Artificial Intelligence) Participant
2014 YDSP World of Science (Computer Security) Participant
2014 EDB-GSK Hwa Chong Economics Challenge Participation
2013 NOI December Training Course @ NUS School of Computing (SoC) Participation
2013 YDSP Science and Technology Camp (Zero Gravity 2013) Champions
2013 YDSP Science and Technology Camp (Dex Bots 2013) 2nd Runner Up
2013 A*STAR Research Exposure Program Participant
2013 HCI Engineering Week (Mobile Range Finder Workshop) Participant
2013 Scinemation (Stop Motion Competition) Participation
2013 SSEF (Singapore Science and Engineering Fair) Exhibition (14 Mar) Audience
2013 IOI Training Course @ NUS School of Computing (SoC) Participation
2012 YDSP Science and Technology Camp (Naval Bots 2012) Certificate of Participation
2012 Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) Certificate of Completion
2012 Community Emergency Preparedness Programme Participation
2012 InfoComm S'pore Youth Network Conference (inSYNC) Participation/Presented to iDA
2012 Stanford CS101 Online Computing Course Certificate of Accomplishment
2011 iLeader June Camp Participant

Leadership Roles

Below are some of the leadership roles I played across my years in HCI. Each one was a unique experience teaching me traits of responsibility, teamwork and resillience.

Year Leadership Role
2016 CCA InfoComm Robotics Society ExCo - Chairman
2015 Research@YDSP Project - Leader
2015 Class Management Committee - Assistant CT Rep
2014 Research@YDSP Project - Leader
2014 CCA EC3 ExCo - Chairman
2014 HCI Projects Competition - Leader
2014 Class Management Committee - Class Chairman
2013 Class Management Committee - Class Chairman
2013 HCI Projects Competition - Leader
2012 HCI Projects Competition - Leader
2011 HCI Projects Competition - Leader
2011 Class Management Committee - Facilities Secretary



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